Thorite - Brand Video

Thorite is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pneumatic systems and parts. Their marketing team had seen a video we’d produced for another client, and loved it. So they approached us to produce their new corporate video.

the brief

Thorite needed us to create a short video to be used on their website which would give a brilliant first-impression to anyone visiting the site. Thorite wanted the video to encompass their full service USP, be on brand and showcase their newly-built facilities.

Our Process

We developed a script outlining the key USP’s in a simple and easy to understand manner. As the script would be represented as text on screen, it was important to keep it short and sweet.

Our producers visited Thorite, to plan how we would capture each part of their facility on the filming day, from both ground and aerial level. We worked with the client to ensure we had everything covered and the shoot was well organised.

We put together a filming schedule and filmed with a 2 person crew plus a drone pilot and captured all the footage we required over the course of one day.

After filming, our creative team edited the video, using motion graphics to create interesting transitions and effects within the video.


We always enjoy working with local companies, and Thorite was no exception. Using a mix of interesting shots and transitions, we were able to meet the brief and create a video the client was really excited about. They have since used it on their website homepage, and as part of their sales process to help decision makers identify what makes Thorite different from competitors.