AgriFoods Online Course - Leeds Beckett University

The world population is growing and climate change is having a huge impact on agriculture. To meet demand, the food production industry will need to be revolutionised over the next few decades.

Dr Suneel Kunamanenni is a leading expert on environmental and agricultural development. His team at Leeds Beckett University have developed a course exploring the future of agriculture. 

We were approached by our friends at Agency For Good, who were developing the online learning portal. They needed our expertise and experience in producing video content, to make sure the course was as engaging as possible for the audience.

the brief

Dr Suneel’s team had prepared a set of scripts, with outline content for the visuals. There were several hours of content in total.

Our brief was to make this content feel engaging to watch, using animation. We were also tasked with recording an introductory video which would be presented by Suneel.

Our Process

We started by designing a set of animated characters, who would appear on-screen during the animations. These characters helped tie the video together, and give it a lighter feel for the viewer.

We gathered auditions from our network of 100s of voiceover artists, and worked with the client to select the most suitable voice. We then coordinated the recording of the voiceovers, which formed the narration for the animated videos.

We arranged to film Dr Suneel’s introduction video at the university. On-site, we set up lighting, camera and a slider, as well as all the necessary sound equipment. We filmed using a 2-camera setup, to add visual impact and give more flexibility in the editing.

Our experienced, in-house animators produced graphics for each of the sequences. The videos featured animated graphs and diagrams, as well as existing photographs and images. We designed the videos to look professional and consistent throughout the course. The animated characters we created interacted with the graphics on-screen, making the videos much more appealing than any slideshow presentation.


The client was absolutely delighted with the videos that we produced. The course was published and shared with leaders in agriculture, agricultural technology and food retail. We feel privileged to have been a part of this project, which will impact food production all over the world.

“Envisuals is a fantastic organisation and fabulous people. Great support from beginning to end of the animated video creation process. They are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly .”

Dr Suneel Kunamanenni, Leeds Beckett University