How to write a video brief

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Got a great idea for your brand’s next video? Brilliant. The next step is to communicate that idea with the people who will be producing it. You need to write a brief. Although it might feel like a chore, a good video brief will help you to…

  Win over any sceptical colleagues

  Get comparable quotes from video producers

  Get exactly what you need – and avoid wasting time and money producing the wrong thing

Here’s our 5 top tips for writing your video brief….

1) Define your target audience

Who is going to be watching your video, and how do you want them to respond to it? How much awareness will they already have, and what will speak to them most powerfully?

2) Clarify what’s an essential, and what’s just an idea

You might have a great ideas in your mind about how the video could look. But if it’s not essential to the purpose of the video, try not to fixate on it too much - this can risk distracting the reader from what you really need.

3) Avoid using your industry’s jargon

Your brief needs to be understandable to people outside of your industry or organisation. There will be words and acronyms which everybody in your organisation understands.

4) Avoid filmmaking buzzwords

There’s lots of filmmaking jargon out there too… but some terms can have different meanings, even among the experts. So don’t rely on specialist terms - describe what you mean in simple wording, so that anybody can understand, and there’s no room for misunderstanding.

5) Keep it simple, clear and logical

Use our free template to help you with that.

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