brand yorkshire conference - events highlights video

Brand Yorkshire is a networking group which supports and connects businesses across Yorkshire. In September 2021, they hosted their first exhibition and conference after the pandemic. We proposed capturing the occasion with a video!

the brief

The team at Brand Yorkshire wanted to capture the atmosphere of the event, to act as a memento of the day, and also attract attendees and exhibitors to future events. The video needed to show the scale of the event, and the contributors.

Our Process

We agreed the video should be a mix of Vox Pop style interviews and B-roll of the event. We had a clear plan for the day, including key people to speak with, and made sure timings and appropriate questions were included in a filming schedule.

A self-shooting director captured the footage over the course of the event day. We then edited it together to create a 2 minute highlights video.


The video was able to capture what makes Brand Yorkshire and their annual event so special and important for Yorkshire businesses. It achieved a wide reach on social media, and has been used as part of the marketing material for this year's event.

“A massive THANK YOU to the amazing team from Envisuals for putting this film together and capturing the day's lively buzz and enthusiastic atmosphere.”

Mona Norman, Brand Yorkshire