ecology building society agm live-stream

the brief

The broadcast was to be based at Ecology Building Society’s headquarters. It featured 5 directors in the boardroom, several slideshow presentations and remote participants who attended via video call.

The broadcast needed to be accessible to their members, and had to sit within their chosen meeting platform, which allowed members to cast votes and submit questions for the board.

Our Process

In the run-up to the event, we conducted several meetings with Ecology’s communications team, to ensure we understood their requirements. We prepared a full, detailed Technical Plan ahead of time, and shared this with them for sign-off. This meant that everybody knew exactly what to expect on the day, and any potential issues could be addressed in advance.

Prior to the event, we conducted a site visit to help work out the physical layout for the room, and perform suitability checks on the network connectivity.

We liaised with Ecology’s meeting platform providers to embed the stream onto their meeting platform page. We also set up a backup 4G fallback connection, just in case there were any dropouts in the venue’s internet connection.

The meeting was broadcast in full HD. In the room, we used a 2-camera setup, allowing us to cut between closeups and wide-shots of the speakers. With the help of NDI technology, we were able to split the video feeds for the remote call participants, giving us full control over who appeared on-screen, and when.

Our setup also allowed the board-members in the room to see all the video feeds, so they had a good sense of what was going on at all times.

Following the event, a recording was immediately made available online. This maximised the audience, especially for those who could not watch ‘live’.


The event was a success. Audience members were able to watch the meeting, in full, without interruption. Our input meant the image and sound quality of the broadcast was far superior than anything they could’ve done in-house, using their video conferencing equipment.

We were really happy to bring our live stream expertise, and help Ecology take their event online.

Ecology Building Society have been leading the way in sustainability and environmental impact for years. With our help, this event showed that they can host events virtually, and therefore significantly reducing travel for attendees. This is likely to influence their event planning in the future.

“Everybody involved has complimented the Envisuals team for your professionalism and great support on the day including troubleshooting. So a huge thanks from me for the great service which was really appreciated.”

Ian Rigarlsford, Ecology Building Society