Symptom-checker Animation for Ovacome

Ovacome is a UK-wide charity, who  were preparing a campaign to help people  spot the early-warning signs of Ovarian Cancer.

Ovacome’s marketing team were impressed by our work on previous projects as well as the style of our animation, so they got in touch with us to discuss how it might work.


the brief

We held an initial meeting with the Ovacome team to discuss their ideas and come up with some options for the animation.

The video was due to be used on social media, so it needed to be both eye-catching and engaging. Considering the nature of the subject, it also had to maintain a personal, friendly tone. We agreed that the most authentic way to get the message across would be by sharing the real experiences of people who have been through a diagnosis.

Our Process

Working with Ovacome, we mapped out the key messages that the video needed to cover. We then arranged to record interviews with people who’ve experienced Ovarian Cancer. These recordings would ultimately form the narration in the video.

Recordings were conducted via video call with the participants. Our experienced film directors conducted these interviews in a conversational, relaxed way, to ensure the recorded dialogue felt as natural as possible. They needed to ask the right questions, in the right ways, to make sure we captured sections of dialogue which we could edit together to cover all the main points in a structured way.

Once recordings were completed, we transcribed them, and created a word-for-word ‘Paper Edit’. This approach helped us quickly experiment with different structures to form the storyline for the video.

We drew up a storyboard showing how the visuals would run, and Lizzie, one of our animators, created some Style Mockups to demonstrate how the characters and graphics would look.

Once the pre-production materials were approved and finalised, we created the animation itself, bringing all the elements together to form an engaging, powerful animated video.


The finished video was used by Ovacome across their social media channels, as part of their “BEAT” campaign. Through these videos, we hope that people will spot the early-warning signs of Ovarian Cancer, and maximise their chances of recovery by getting a checkup. We were really happy to be involved with this project - bringing our animation and filmmaking expertise together, to help such a valuable cause.

“Thank you so much for the work on the animation. We are really impressed with the final result.”

– Holly, Communications Officer, Ovacome