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Discuss ideas with our animation team

"The way in which our thoughts and ideas were converted into the video was fantastic; this is part of the service that you can't put a price on."

- Phil Graham, The Loose Leaf Film Company

1. the brief

This is the first step in the animation process. We'll need to understand your aims for your video, your target audience and where you'll be presenting it, so we can make sure we have a good foundation to build upon.

2. script and storyboard

We'll work with you to develop the video's script and storyboard - this step means you'll get to see our plans for your animation and also make sure we are accurately interpreting your ideas and vision.

3. frame mockups and pre-production sign-off

The frame mockups show the visual style we'll be using for your animation, and we will make sure you're totally happy with the plans before moving onto the animation.

4. voiceover casting and recording

We will either choose a voiceover artist for you or you can choose from our selection - whichever suits you better.

5. animation work

We'll create all the movements and timing, mixing in the sound and music to your taste, and bring your ideas to life.

6. amendments list and final edit

We'll prepare an amendments list, detailing any fixes or improvements, based on our own quality-control reviews and feedback from yourselves. We'll then make the changes, and send you the final edit - your animated video is now ready!

"Both the visuals and audio turned out better than we had hoped. From the animation to the voiceover and soundtrack, Jon brought together all the elements at his disposal to create a really engaging video."

- Tobi Adewoye, Rogue Trader Studios

We have created over 300 animations for businesses, charities and brands across the uk and abroad

"The Team at Envisuals came up with creative animation sequences that we would never have thought of. They were very quick and professional!"

- Paul Haylings, The Urban Chimp

 Animated explainer videos are becoming of the most effective tools to portray your brand or product clearly and concisely to potential clients, consumer audience or charity supporters.