tm3 - customer journey videos

TM3 is an appointment-management software platform, produced by Blue Zinc Software. Their clients are small health practices who want to improve their efficiency with an online appointment-booking system.

We’ve previously worked with Blue Zinc to produce a series of client testimonial videos, viewing the platform from the practice’s point-of-view. But they needed some new videos to show off the end-user’s experience too – the practice’s customers.


the brief

BlueZinc wanted the videos to show the ‘journey’ that a customer would take - booking, attending, and paying for an appointment; all through their app.

They wanted to show the diversity of applications - both therapy appointments, such as physiotherapy and classes, such as yoga.

After discussing options with Blue Zinc’s marketing team, we decided to film the videos, using their staff-members as actors. We also decided to display the interface in the scene, by using ‘pop-out’ overlays next to each device.


Our Process

Blue Zinc are based in Belfast, so we agreed to film at various locations around the city; including a physiotherapist's clinic, a domestic home, and BlueZinc’s offices.

We needed to capture several scenes in various locations, each with different people and props required. Each shot needed to accommodate the interface overlays, and needed to flow naturally from the previous section. With only 2 days to film, careful planning was essential to make the most of the time available. We carefully drew up a shot-by-shot storyboard, along with a detailed shot-list and filming schedule.

We filmed with a 2-person crew, capturing the footage hand-held to give it a natural feel. Our careful planning meant that the filming days went really smoothly, and we captured everything required.

Back at our studio, we processed the footage, and edited it together. We also captured the screen footage of the platform, and used motion-tracking to superimpose this into the relevant scenes.



The Blue Zinc team were delighted with the videos, and used them as part of various marketing campaigns, on social media, at events and exhibitions, and on the homepage of their website.

The videos have helped them secure new clients and have spearheaded their marketing efforts, as part of their continued business growth.

"Envisuals were an absolute joy to work with from start to finish. Whole project was seamless from first point of contact to final version with great communication throughout. We will be using them for future work and would recommend to other business looking for video content."

– Campbell Nelson, Marketing Manager, TM3