thermac brand video


Thermac are the UK’s leading supplier of decontamination equipment. They were looking to enhance their brand image and decided to produce a video to encapsulate their values as a company.

Thermac’s marketing team had seen examples of Envisuals’ work, so they asked us to pitch our ideas. Thermac were really impressed by our experience and competitive pricing, and chose us to produce their brand video.


the brief

Thermac wanted to produce a short video showing all areas of their business. The video had to cover their key values, and portray a sense of the organisation’s personality.

They didn’t want to use dialogue, interviews or narration, so the imagery needed to be powerful and emotive. Their target audience were decision-makers in the construction industry, and so the video needed to connect with their values.

Our Process

After visiting their headquarter site in Leeds, we brainstormed ideas and options for the video.

Filming had to take place in a busy, working warehouse and repair site which meant that we had to fit around the working patterns of the day. With only a short time available for filming, we carefully scheduled the filming session to ensure we captured as many scenes as possible.

We filmed with a 2-person crew, liaising closely with Thermac’s marketing team to allow us to capture imagery which accurately communicated the company’s work. We worked with the site-managers to ensure filming was completed safely… and that we weren’t getting in the way!

Our crew filmed using a variety of techniques - including slow-motion. We filmed some sequences using a gimbal, for smooth movements; and we even mounted a camera onto a fork-lift truck!

The footage was pieced together by our editors who selected the most powerful shots to tell the story. We used advanced motion graphic techniques to create intricate transitions between shots, for maximum visual impact.


The management team at Thermac were absolutely delighted with the finished video. It is being used it at the forefront of their brand marketing; both online and at events.

The video really shows off the human side of the company. We were really proud to produce this video, celebrating the hard work of all their employees. We heard that the CEO shed a tear when he watched it - that’s proof that we did a good job!

“We were extremely happy with the outcome. Looking forward to working with the Envisuals team again!”

– Ant Longstaff, Marketing Manager, Thermac Hire Ltd