The Mount School - Marketing Video

The Mount is a prestigious independent Primary School; but it was facing closure due to dwindling pupil numbers. The school’s new management found Envisuals through a recommendation, and asked us for help.

the brief

The school needed to attract new pupils to join their next intake. Producing a high-quality promotional film was seen as a priority.

The film needed to focus on what makes the school special; their small class sizes, excellent teaching standards and high-quality facilities.

Our Process

After discussions with the management team, it was decided to produce three separate videos, focusing on separate aspects of what the school can offer.

We arranged to film over two days, capturing footage of the school lessons and activities, as well as directing interviews with pupils, parents and teachers.

Our experience editors combined the footage to make an engaging and powerful set of vidoes, with a strong call-to-action.


The videos were used in a highly successful social media campaign. The school is now in a much better position thanks to a healthy intake of new pupils.

The school has since asked us to return several times to produce more videos to help with their marketing.