6 Signs you need a video


You’re losing visitors on your website.

A high bounce-rate is usually an indicator that your website is not grabbing visitors’ attention. According to Time magazine, 55% of visitors to your site will spend fewer than 15 seconds actively on your page. However, that’s no reason to fret! A video can increase the amount of time visitors stay on your site from seconds to several minutes.

You're not getting conversions on your website.

Visual content is processed much faster than written content - a video will increase visitor engagement by piquing their interest as soon as they find themselves on your website. Once engaged, they are much more likely to become leads and customers.



Your social posts aren't getting much engagement.

Social media is a great way to make and maintain connections. One of the easiest fixes for lack of engagement is having a video on your page that tells people what exactly it is you do. 43% of users say that having watched an ad, they’ve gone on to like or follow that brand, and these likes and follows can lead to further engagement.

People don't understand your product.

It can be hard to admit that people simply don’t understand the product you have worked so hard to develop. Words and static images are not always enough, and a simple yet informative and interesting video is an excellent way to ensure that your potential customers and clients know exactly what they are purchasing!



You're spending lots on advertising, without any results.

When you’re investing £££s into top quality advertising, but it’s not leading anywhere, you may be in need of a video. More visitors to your site is one thing, but not so much if they leave after a few seconds. A video could convince them to stay and hopefully find out that the advertisement that attracted them in the first place was accurate!

You're wasting lots of employee time answering the same queries over and over again.

We can waste far too much time answering repetitive questions from visitors. More often than not, these could be addressed succinctly in a video on your page; animation is perfect for explaining conceptual ideas where text and images often fall short, and visual demonstration is more effective than a simple description! This will not only save precious time, but will also tell potential customers that you preemptively understand their needs.