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Professional live streaming is a secure and powerful way to reach a global audience in real-time.

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Live streaming is increasingly becoming an essential option for organising conferences and other big events. This scenario is expected to increase the compound annual growth rate of the market to 28.1% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

We are an established video production company with the expertise and experience to deliver a live streaming solution to suit a variety of needs.






We have 20 years combined experience in video production.

We bring all our own high-spec streaming equipment. 

We always have a contingency plan in place to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We are experts in our field, so you can always expect a quality service. 

why choose live streaming?

Live streaming services allow your event to go forward without risk of an over-capacity space  whether it be a festival, conference, sports broadcast or anything in between. We can ensure that your viewers get as similar as possible an experience as in-person attendees, from their own homes.


“Everybody involved has complimented you and your team for your professionalism and great support on the day including troubleshooting etc. So a huge thanks from me for the great service which was really appreciated. “

— Ian, Ecology Building Society

We will deal with the technical stuff - so you can focus on the content!

Here at envisuals, we are experienced in:

  Virtual events: Perfect for webinars, panel discussions, meetings


  3-camera live streams: perfect for weddings, funerals, and theatre, music & school events

  4-camera live streams: perfect for conferences and large-venue events


What is live streaming? Live streaming is a real-time broadcast on the internet. It allows people around the world to watch your event. It’s like a TV broadcast, or a high-quality, one-way video call. Professional live streaming uses several cameras to give the viewer the best experience of your event. We’ll cut between cameras live, just like in a TV studio.

How will people watch the broadcast? Before the event, we’ll provide you with a web link to share with your online attendees. If you want, this could have a password, or it could be a private link, so you can control who has access to the broadcast. You might also want us to broadcast onto Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn. We can do that too!

Do we need to provide any equipment? No. We’ll bring our cameras, cables, vision mixer, microphones, and all the other bits and pieces we need to deliver your livestream. You do not need to provide any equipment. We just need a standard power socket to plug in, and perhaps a table for our director to sit at.

What quality will the broadcast be? Our broadcasts are delivered in full high-definition video. Images are captured using high-end broadcast-quality cameras and lenses. The quality of any video is enhanced by good lighting conditions; which will be dependent on the venue. But our equipment will ensure that your event looks as clear as possible.

What if something goes wrong? We’ve got a full contingency and backup plans in place, in case anything goes wrong with our equipment. As with any live event, we can’t guarantee 100% success; but we’ll make sure we do everything within our power in order for the broadcast to run smoothly. 

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