leeds city council - microbusiness training videos

Leeds City Council wanted to increase their support for small businesses in the region; particularly after the impact of 2020-21 Coronavirus lockdowns. They wanted to create a suite of resources, structured around video content.

Following a competitive tendering process, Envisuals was awarded the contract to produce the videos.


the brief

We were provided with a list of topics that the videos needed to cover, and were tasked with researching, writing and producing the videos.

We had proposed using a mixture of piece-to-camera presentations, short animated sequences, and on-screen text to emphasise key points.


Our Process

Working with our research partners and conducting our own internal research, we created an outline of content for each of the topic areas. This content was reviewed and approved by the project’s delivery partners. We then developed this into a voiceover script and full storyboard for each video.

We gathered video auditions from our network of professional presenters, and provided a shortlist to the Council, so they could select which presenters they wanted to use. Our animators created style mockups for the animation sequences, and presented these to the council for approval.

We coordinated the filming days; hiring a suitable venue for filming, and arranging the logistics with the presenters, and our crew and equipment.



We delivered all the videos to a high standard, and within the deadline. They were approved by the Council on the first edit, with no amendments required.

The videos were published on Leeds City Council's YouTube channel, as well as their Microbusiness Support webpages. We also delivered a series of shorter ‘teaser’ videos, which were used on social media to promote the resources.