Fertility Circle Explainer Video

The FertilityCircle was a new app, providing advice, information and support for people trying to get pregnant. The FertilityCircle team needed a video to promote the app to new users.

the brief

The video needed to be short, engaging, and powerful. It needed to show understanding and be relatable for the target audience, but powerful enough to encourage them to sign up.

Visually, the video needed to look elegant and gentle, but with a warm tone.

Our Process

We worked with the FertilityCircle team to develop a script for the video. Our creative team developed a storyboard and style mockups, showing how the video could look. We designed a concept which had a continuous feel, with each scene flowing into the next.

For the voiceover, we gathered auditions from our network of 100s of professional voice over artists, to find the perfect voice. We selected an artist called Sarah Griffin, who had the perfect balance between friendly, approachable and professional.

Once all the pre-production plans were approved, our creative team created the animation sequences, and edited together the voiceover, music and sound to bring it to life.


The finished video has a gentle, relatable and engaging feel. The video spearheaded the platform’s launch, and encouraged potential users to sign up to their wait-list.

The Fertility Circle team were delighted with the video, and went on to commission us to produce further video content.

We have launched the video and it's being received really well . Everyone has really liked it and it's really helped support us with messaging and reaching new clients.

– Abi, The Fertility Circle