Composite Prime - CGI Fitting Guide

Composite Prime is a leading supplier of composite decking products to retailers across the UK.

Tradespeople and DIYers were struggling to fit their product, because the fitting process varies from fitting traditional decking.

Composite Prime were receiving an unmanageable number of phonecalls to their office, asking for help with fitting. And they were struggling to explain the process verbally, or through still-image instructions. 

They’d previously worked with Envisuals to produce some promotional video content, so asked us if we could help.

the brief

The fitting guide needed to be easy-to-follow, and make the fitting process simple and easy to understand.

There were various stages and variations in the process, so the video needed to be clearly marked into sections. After discussing the audience’s needs and viewing context, we agreed on the best way to present this.

We agreed that 3D animation would be the most appropriate format, because this would allow us to show the fitting process from various angles in 3D space.

Our Process

Composite Prime provided us with their existing text-and-image based fitting instructions, which were provided with the product. Using these as a reference, we created a storyboard for the video, showing relevant camera angles, etc.

We received physical product samples from the client, our 3D artist modelled digital versions of them, ready to be animated.

Once the storyboards were approved by the client, we arranged the voiceover recording, and set up the animation scenes.

Each scene was carefully animated, and we selected camera-angles to show the fitting process as clearly as possible. Once the animation work was complete, we created a rough-render for the client to approve, then rendered off a full-quality version, and combined it with the voiceover and on-screen text.


Since launching the video, Composite Prime’s support team saw a significant drop in enquiries on their helpline. This saved the company hours of time on the phone to customers, which could be put to better use elsewhere!

Composite Prime produce decking systems for trade and retail. The installation process for their composite decking is slightly different to traditional decking, and they were receiving lots of enquiries from tradespeople and customers, asking for help.