Melton and District Money Advice Centre (MADMAC) is a small local charity which helps people who are struggling with unmanageable debt problems. Amanda, who founded the centre, wanted us to create a video which explains their service to partner organisations and funders.

We worked closely with Amanda to create a short film which featured an interview with Amanda, footage of the local area, and a snapshot viewing of one of Amanda’s debt-advice sessions. It also included some animation which explained the causes and impacts of personal debt. The video was narrated by Gary Terzza, a familiar voice from TV, which was a key aspect to advocating the credibility of their service.

As a small, start-up charity, finances were tight. But Amanda understood the benefits of a good video and sought funding specifically to cover the costs. The video has been used to secure several successful grant applications, with funders commending on both the professionalism and effectiveness of the video we produced. It has also been used for training and to showcase this start-up charity to other service providers.

  • “The video has paid for itself several times over…..When I've shown it to organisations and prospective funders they have loved it, understood our proposition and commented on how professional it is. It has been a great tool and continues to pay for itself many times over and has really helped us to gain funding.”

    Amanda Heath, Founder

Amanda was worried about her interview session in the studio as, like most of us, she had never appeared on camera before. But we reassured her and talked her through the process, which helped her give a clear and concise performance.

Amanda is passionate about what she does and was therefore finding it difficult to keep information short, sharp and relevant when promoting MADMAC. The Envisuals video does exactly that as it concentrates on highlighting your key attributes to your audience.

  • “I was quite scared to speak in front of the camera, especially when you've got lights on in the studio - ….. but it doesn't matter if you make a mistake, because they'll just ask you questions again, and you can go over it as many times as you like. Jon from Envisuals put me at ease and clearly knows exactly what he’s doing!”

    Amanda Heath, Founder
  • MADMAC Screenshot
  • MADMAC Screenshot 2
  • “Often when you're starting a small community project, no-one's heard of you, they don't know who you are, but the video has given us a lot of clout.”

    Amanda Heath, Founder


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