Finfo helps large companies track their employees’ spending. Their communications system identifies and tracks individual employee expenditure and informs users how much has been spent, at any given time, on items including travel, expenses, company mobiles and printing, and provides a full breakdown via a reporting process.

Anthony, Finfo’s Managing Director, come to us via a recommendation. Finfo are a small company with a unique solution. Their product is complex, so they needed to present their USP clearly. They also needed to build their credibility to assure new clients that they were capable and professional.

We worked with Anthony and the Finfo team to write and develop a script which explained their product in a clear, easy-to-understand way. We created a series of mockups to clarify our proposed visual style for the video, in line with Finfo’s branding guidelines. Next, we shortlisted voice-over artists and, with our guidance, the Finfo team chose an accent which helped to reinforce the company’s proud northern roots.

  • “The Finfo animation was created to deliver a specific message to senior decision makers. It was critical that it was pitched at this level therefore the quality of our presentation was key to ensuring that, despite being a start-up, we were perceived as a well-established company.”

    Anthony, Managing Director

Finfo have published our video across all their social media platforms. In addition, their sales agency has used the video to spearhead a direct marketing campaign. Our video massively reduces the time and marketing budget that the Finfo team previously spent on live demonstrations and sales pitches which, to a small company, is proving invaluable.

The production and quality of our animation provides Finfo with the credibility that they were looking for.

  • “It delivers the message we want to deliver… with the quality that we want to be associated with, and it enables us to demonstrate our brand and our professional abilities in a clear and concise way”

    Anthony Devine, Managing Director
  • Animation Photograph
  • Finfo Animation Still 01
  • Storyboarding Photograph
  • Finfo Animation Still 02
  • “The price point for a small business is excellent and the quality of the products that we've received has been fantastic. We will definitely work with Envisuals again and look forward to creating more videos and animations”.

    Anthony Devine, Managing Director


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