ashworth financial planning animation

Ashworth Financial Planning is an independent Financial Advisory firm based in Colchester. They needed to show potential customers the reasons why financial planning was worthwhile and beneficial. After seeing our work, Ashworth chose Envisuals to produce the video.

the brief

The Ashworth team knew that, after acting on their advice, clients felt relieved, knowing they have a clear financial plan for the future.

After discussing ideas and options for the video, we suggested producing a short, character-driven animation, which explains the real, human benefits of financial planning.

Our Process

Working with the Ashworth team, we developed a proposed script and storyboard for the video. The video needed to feel personal, and so we chose a story-like feel to the video, focussing on the experience of one, fictional client. The script needed to highlight the worries and concerns of real clients, to make it as engaging and relatable as possible.

We developed the look-and-feel of the video to reflect this friendly, human, and approachable feel.

We gathered auditions from our network of 100s of voiceover artists, so the Ashworth team could choose the perfect voice to represent them in the video.

We made sure the Ashworth team were 100% happy with the preproduction plans before cracking on with creating the animated scenes and editing everything together.


The Ashworth team were delighted with the finished video. It was an important part of their marketing toolkit at an important stage in the business's development.

"The video turned out great, really happy with the end result.”

– Stephen Ashworth, Ashworth Financial Planning