Our passion is to continue making videos that help businesses grow.

We know that a strategically targeted business video can pay for itself many times over. Ensuring your marketing message is working its hardest will generate an excellent return on your investment.

So, our goal is to ensure that every video production we create meets our clients’ objectives. We offer an in-depth production service that you won’t find anywhere else, and we can handle the whole process, from research and scriptwriting, through to the delivery of your high-quality, professional video.

With a wealth of experience across the team our clients are consistently delighted by what we do for them, and we are thrilled when they return or recommend our services – what could be better than that?


At Envisuals, we help our clients to grow their organisations by producing high quality videos and films. We provide genuinely excellent service to our clients, and work hard to create an enjoyable working atmosphere for anyone who comes into contact with us.

We want to be an example of good and generous business ethics. Wherever possible, we endeavour to promote positive messages within the content that we produce.


Jon is the Director of Envisuals, and responsible for managing and/or overseeing every project alongside developing creative scripts and storyboards.

Lizzie is inventive and imaginative and uses her creativity to inspire animations and edit with originality, which always impresses our clients.

Jack is our skilled and experienced camera operator and knows how to angle the perfect shots and put our clients at ease when in front of the camera.

Luke  produces artistic and innovative animations and clients enjoy his passion and vision.

Richard is our first-class editor who uses his considerable experience, strategic understanding, and attention to detail to produce exception edits.

What our clients say…


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